Take Me With You- Bardalacray

To the lustrous sea
Parted by a divine stretch
The streets luminous
Love so translucent
That I see how I’m been loved
Like a mirror and a man,
An x-ray and its patient
Who else would not be moved?

If its a new way
A new suffering,
More defending and proclaiming
A new town with more people
And probably lesser fish and bread
More groaning from the people
My ear like a corn, are popped!

If it be a new and more painful cross
Take me with You
On my life, I won’t re-live Peter.

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Color Academy – Atlanta [lyrics]

Verse 1

Tell me what have we become
Tell me what am I running from
Tell me what we should do
Tell me everything that we’ve been through

‘Cos we’re a long long way from heaven
I’ll watch you watch the morning sun rise

There’s nothing left here that can hold me down
You come againste just to take my crown
I know you’re trying just to bring me down
I’ve waited and waited and waited
Then I left for atlanta
Come on if you wanna go

Verse 2
We grew up on country roads
We found those city streets are way too cold
But you’ll see when you leave home
Why I’m never coming back when I go

So I just called to say I’m leaving
I’ll drive all night and watch the sun rise

‘Cos I don’t wanna wait right here forever
And you don’t wanna wait right here
‘Cos I’m never coming back
I’m never coming back

And I don’t wanna wait right here forever
And you don’t wanna wait right here
‘ Cos I’m never coming back
I’m never coming back

‘Cos we’re a long long way from heaven
I’ll watch you watch the morning sun rise

Cute african teen girl with charming smile.

Razor Smile

Her smile broke the world’s saddest wall
Broke the world’s saddest record
Broke the saddest heart
Happily building
Bricks by amazing efforts
Smile so communicable it cut through the sunlight
Razor smile
Brandished with the finest steel ivory.

Hearts melting
Moon calling
Stars running
Yet I haven’t seen it
Only in pictures
Have I seen razors smile.

(c) 2016. McBarth Bardalacray Obeya


Hatred is a seed planted
By ego, watered
By stubbornness, nurtured
By sheer jealousy and harvested
By the weak always seeking the easy way out.
By those who hold grudges
Grudges that they created and fostered
Warnings not heeded to
Measures taken for granted
Relationship gone wrong
Yet the opposite of hate remains
the only way to live.

Watch out for what you’ve tied your emotions to and
“Guard your heart (emotions) with all diligence”

(c) 2017 McBarth Bardalacray Obeya

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College Sweetheart

College Sweetheart – McBarth

fortress broken
Four steps taken
And on the fifth
She stood, lithe
But yet unimpressed

Gallery of the broken
Emotions unspoken
Hearts racing in their chests
As if she wore a glass vest
thoughts superimposed

Where she sat still
As like waiting for Will
Faint with smile
Loud with beauty
Her hair ran a short mile.

A monument
with the finest intent
Breathed into
By the angels, declared wanted

Finally stolen
Attention given
To a goddess
Venus’ own distress
My first day here

Habit better battered
Had made her flattered
Loud octave
Lowly but brave
She fancied music

Years have gone by
More to come by
I still want a chance
With you and i in France
Holding hands as we dance
To ‘Wordplay’ – Mr. A-Z.

(c) 2016.

McBarth Obeya




The busy archer

Darting his doped arrow

Though infant in nature

Never gets tired – even

When shot, eyes frown in sorrow

Some in ecstasy

Profound feeling going easy


Rest ye little man

For I am loveless

Shot a fortieth time

From your insidous hand

I’ve built a fortress

Not up for another sly.



Footnote: there’s no one that’s loveless.



(c) 2016. McBarth Bardalacray Obeya

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