Extra Parts

… and i watched pretty little liars waiting for the end of thesame kind of suspense but to no avail. i stopped on the 4th season feeling bad for watching that much. A is everybody and nobody, A is a friend and an enemy, A is perfect and can never be caught, A doesn’t have a face. A is me at last. Some movies are too real to be real

Mostly Bright Ideas

RainI watch a lot of movies. There was a time when I thought I’d be in movies, but I’m past that now, just as I’m pretty sure I’m never going to walk on the Moon or play centerfield for the Yankees. Acting looks like fun, and pays well, too, but then I found out that you have to go to auditions. The first time I sat at a table and tried to sell things at a flea market, I discovered that I have a low threshold for rejection. I quickly reach that point where I’m tempted to grab people by the throat and demand to know what they’re looking for. That wouldn’t be a helpful reputation, I suspect. Word would soon spread that I’m a temperamental artist who’s hard to work with, and there goes my career.

Since abandoning the acting profession, I’ve settled into my new role as an…

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