Naomi is a scar


To think that I, a restless ant

Slept beneath the sun and behind the moon, cowered

Just to peruse a picture of her to a cant

And all my ego, mojo and emotions lowered

I mustav lost it


But she stirs the photographer out of his chest

Moves the bard s to a great retard

Confuse the engineers and the rest

Who for her false but adorable smile they adore

They mustav lost it too


Naomi’s eyes sunken deep

In the chocolate mold she has for a face

And her nose pointing east

Though she never told a lie to my face

She is a scar


A patch in the mind of every eye that looked

For her, jealous will be Venus

And Aphrodite would choose a nook

Her presence will disguise a bad news

Naomi, are you from Mars?

On and on and on I’d go

And take the wayfarer’s plight

If she was sculpted in Seoul, yet not gold

I’d trade a glance for power and might

Yes, I have a plan!


Naomi, Marvis and Charl-es and the others

Made “beauty” a cliché

You’re just a girl with an exceptional appearance

“Beautiful” is still the word, touché!

For you, even a coward would be a man


For Naomi, whose beauty fails descriptions


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