College Sweetheart

College Sweetheart – McBarth

fortress broken
Four steps taken
And on the fifth
She stood, lithe
But yet unimpressed

Gallery of the broken
Emotions unspoken
Hearts racing in their chests
As if she wore a glass vest
thoughts superimposed

Where she sat still
As like waiting for Will
Faint with smile
Loud with beauty
Her hair ran a short mile.

A monument
with the finest intent
Breathed into
By the angels, declared wanted

Finally stolen
Attention given
To a goddess
Venus’ own distress
My first day here

Habit better battered
Had made her flattered
Loud octave
Lowly but brave
She fancied music

Years have gone by
More to come by
I still want a chance
With you and i in France
Holding hands as we dance
To ‘Wordplay’ – Mr. A-Z.

(c) 2016.

McBarth Obeya


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