Eleven Fingers Ingrate

Eleven Fingers Ingrate. – ‘Lacray

Nwanyioma, how my heart races

Upon being informed by your perfume

And then it stops like a clock

Disarmed of its battery

when you touched my shoulder


All these little things that you do and I’m moved

When o! When shall you approve?


Maybe when the rivers don’t run no more

Or my foot is wholly sore

From visiting in ungodly times

Because I see only with feelings for you.


When a seed is sown

Growth is inevitably the way to go

But not even a sprout to die

Even though I begged for a sign

All I got was one to sigh

To whine and smile like a child


Oma, delight of many eyes

Your brown eyes flashes bright

So bright it sees through my soul

Burning with flames leaking through my nose

“Burn fur all I care!” What a nightmare

Well, it’s eleven in the afternoon

Eleventh myrrh received with her eleven fingers


“Roses would grow in our blood

But only if we water it from gold jars”

The nightmare begins to continue

Only if I’d sleep a little more.


Naomi is a scar


To think that I, a restless ant

Slept beneath the sun and behind the moon, cowered

Just to peruse a picture of her to a cant

And all my ego, mojo and emotions lowered

I mustav lost it


But she stirs the photographer out of his chest

Moves the bard s to a great retard

Confuse the engineers and the rest

Who for her false but adorable smile they adore

They mustav lost it too


Naomi’s eyes sunken deep

In the chocolate mold she has for a face

And her nose pointing east

Though she never told a lie to my face

She is a scar


A patch in the mind of every eye that looked

For her, jealous will be Venus

And Aphrodite would choose a nook

Her presence will disguise a bad news

Naomi, are you from Mars?

On and on and on I’d go

And take the wayfarer’s plight

If she was sculpted in Seoul, yet not gold

I’d trade a glance for power and might

Yes, I have a plan!


Naomi, Marvis and Charl-es and the others

Made “beauty” a cliché

You’re just a girl with an exceptional appearance

“Beautiful” is still the word, touché!

For you, even a coward would be a man


For Naomi, whose beauty fails descriptions

10 Life Lessons Every Nigerian Student Should Know Before Graduating From School



As a student you probably would not believe us if we tell you that you are absolutely naive and no, you are not on top of the world. You will soon graduate from the university, service year is going to be awesome (at least according to the stories you’ve heard). After service, you are going to get a job, have a family, build a home, become a millionaire and live happily ever after.
There is just one problem with your plan. The only problem with your plan is the real world.

This article is to let students know things to look out for before they graduate so they don’t get railroaded.
1. A Degree Does Not Entitle You To A Job
We all know getting a degree means a lot of hard work and commitment, but because you have a degree does not mean somebody is going to grant you…

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Extra Parts

… and i watched pretty little liars waiting for the end of thesame kind of suspense but to no avail. i stopped on the 4th season feeling bad for watching that much. A is everybody and nobody, A is a friend and an enemy, A is perfect and can never be caught, A doesn’t have a face. A is me at last. Some movies are too real to be real

Mostly Bright Ideas

RainI watch a lot of movies. There was a time when I thought I’d be in movies, but I’m past that now, just as I’m pretty sure I’m never going to walk on the Moon or play centerfield for the Yankees. Acting looks like fun, and pays well, too, but then I found out that you have to go to auditions. The first time I sat at a table and tried to sell things at a flea market, I discovered that I have a low threshold for rejection. I quickly reach that point where I’m tempted to grab people by the throat and demand to know what they’re looking for. That wouldn’t be a helpful reputation, I suspect. Word would soon spread that I’m a temperamental artist who’s hard to work with, and there goes my career.

Since abandoning the acting profession, I’ve settled into my new role as an…

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Refusing to Blink

Decide not to blink

Untitled presentation

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

“Enjoy every minute.”

“They’ll be grown before you know it.”

“It goes by so fast.”

In my pre-motherhood days, I thought these were just the sentimental musings of people who were either being dramatic or who couldn’t think of anything else to say and so they just made the token grandparent statements they’d heard other people make.

At one time, it even frustrated me. After being encouraged yet again not to get in a tizzy about dishes and housekeeping because I’d have plenty of time for those things when the kids grew up, I thought to myself “Lady, I am cherishing my children, okay, but I can’t just sit and look at them all day long! At some point, I HAVE to do the dishes…”

But that was just my hormones talking; if I was being more honest with…

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